Post Malone took a nasty fall onstage... it was so bad that medics had to help him off, and fans weren't sure whether to stay or go.

It happened halfway through his performance of "Circles" at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday night.

Post was strutting his stuff as he walked down a ramp that extended onto the arena floor It would've been fine if there hadn't been a hole in the floor where he lowered his guitar that hadn't been covered up.

He stepped in it, took a terrible fall, and ended up sprawled out on the concert floor.

Medics rushed in and flanked him as he exited the stage. He asked fans to give him a few minutes to gather himself, but everyone was clearly concerned, with some doubting he'd even return.

Post reappeared 15 minutes later, performing "Rockstar" and "Cooped Up."

Post thanked the audience for sticking with him and informed them that there was a "big-ass hole in the " and even apologised, which was unnecessary.

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There's no word on his condition... but he's set to resume his "Twelve Carat Tour" in Columbus on Sunday.


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